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Electric Order Picker

Electric Order Picker (Zallys K5)

Products from Zallys

Electric Order Picker (Zallys K5)

Products from Zallys

3 wheels electric order picker with a wide platform having a loading capacity up to 500 kg.

Efficient and versatile operations are possible thanks to the outstanding performance and easy maintenance. The K5 can be used also as a towing tractor having a towing capacity of 1.000 kg on flat grounds. Operating mode: stand-on. This vehicle is ideal for companies that handle light, non-bulky goods, such as mail order, electronics, pharmaceutical and wholesale companies, as well as companies with long transport distances between warehouse and production facilities. Highly maneuverable, ideal for narrow aisles, indoor/outdoor use. All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.

About Zallys


Manufacturer of professional electric utility vehicles. Our range is wide and can count on 45 different models.

Sarcedo ,Italy

Business specialists for Low-Level Order Pickers