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Rider Pallet Truck (Yale MP20-25T)

Products from Yale Europe Materials Handling

Stand/lean/sit pallet trucks for productive horizontal transportation.
Load capacity: 2000-2500 kg.

Rider Pallet Truck Series

The sit/lean/stand ride-on pallet truck for more productive transportation.

Excellent access and a variable seat position provide a comfortable working environment, leading to enhanced productivity.

The MPT series of rider pallet trucks are designed with the operator at the heart of the manual handling function. Created to transfer goods over a range of distances while providing operators with a working environment that promotes fast cycle times and outstanding throughput levels, the sideways seat position offers excellent visibility in both travel directions while the adaptive seating allows the user to sit, lean or stand, offering maximum flexibility.

Additionally, the narrow chassis width enables the MPT to position, load and unload pallets in the most confined of situations and can even turn around in the back of a truck or container, making this the one of the most agile trucks available.

Designed to operate efficiently in the following applications:

  • Lorry and trailer charging and discharging
  • Horizontal transport over long distances
  • Extended and multi-shift operation work cycles

Ergonomic features

  • Low step height of 285 mm allows easy on and off access
  • Adjustable, low effort electronic fly-by-wire steering provides precise manoeuvring and effortless operator control
  • A contoured, polyurethane, fully adjustable cushion seat permits seated, leaning and standing operation/support to relieve fatigue over extended travel runs
  • Large dimensioned, low effort butterfly switch controls direction of travel and speed as well as the opening and closing of the electromagnetic brake
  • Horn and forklift and lower buttons are conveniently located beneath the handgrip for fingertip operation

Productivity features

  • Energy efficient step-less progressive speed control and reduction when cornering are delivered by the Combi MOSFET traction controller
  • Automatic release braking and anti-roll back is standard and promotes secure operation on ramps and gradients and when loading or unloading
  • Tandem load wheels allow a wide range of loads to be handled and are adjustable to different work surfaces for smooth operation.

Digital downloads

  • Rider Pallet Truck - Specification sheet Download
  • Yale - Warehouse range Download

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