Technical Warehouse Manual

Core concepts about storage systems, handling equipment and logistics processes.

Bringing together the key concepts about the latest storage systems, this manual outlines pivotal recommendations to fulfil any logistics need, as well as comprehensive descriptions of automatic, semi-automatic and mechanical systems to handle and locate goods.

It also explores aspects that must be considered when designing or planning a warehouse, to achieve successful business workflows. Decisive factors are discussed, such as the slab or floor qualities, the unit load type, the flow of goods, the location and dimensions of installations, as well as process management, etc. Logistics managers and professionals will find this a valuable resource to help make decisions about incorporating automated storage and handling systems in their company’s operational centres.

Ultimately, this manual provides a comprehensive guide to the best practices for developing a warehouse, with a strategic point of view about where supply chain management and logistics storage are headed in the near future. The final aim is that a warehouse should give a competitive edge to a supply chain and be flexible enough to adapt to changes down the road, whether in demand levels, technology, production, etc.

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