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Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning (Syncron)

Products from Syncron

Supply Chain Planning (Syncron)

Products from Syncron

SCP SCP enables accurate demand forecasts, optimised replenishmentplans and realistic production plans.

Syncron Supply Chain Planning (SCP)
For better and faster decisions
The purpose of SCP is to provide accurate demand forecasts, optimized replenishment plans, realistic production plans and monitoring of the flow of goods from the one end of the supply chain to the other.This ensures that goods are always at the right place at the right time and in the right quantity. Any changes in demand or supply is identified early and corrective action is taken.

SCP is a web enabled system developed by Syncron in response to a need to move from local optimisation of stock levels to global optimisation across the supply chain. SCP provides functionality and visibility for the effective management of demand forecasts and stock replenishment throughout the supply chain.

Improving efficiency in the supply chain requires more than a sound business strategy if you want a competitive advantage. By maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain, inventory costs can be reduced, cycle times improved, the speed with which products are supplied to the market increased and consequently, improved levels of customer satisfaction achieved.

Syncron SCP is capable of generating forecasts, immediate replenishment quantities and plans, in a multi location environment. Users can represent all stages in a supply chain, from end consumer to raw material supplier. The overall purpose of SCP is to provide forecasts and replenishment quantities for stocked and non-stocked products, taking into account any constraints of supply. From this one system, different users will be able to monitor and plan global stock holdings and supply networks. The solution will be deployed on either a company's internal Intranet, on the Internet to support B2B applications, or hosted by an Application Server Provider.

End users can access the system's features through their Internet browsers. Users can then evaluate forecasts, orders, general product information and key performance indicators as well as parameters and other system set-up information irrespective of their location.

SCP Demand Forecasting Module - Overview
The SCP Demand Forecasting module is a sophisticated tool that provides many special features, which allow users to detect and respond to changes in demand. The Forecasting Module is designed to be flexible enough to produce accurate forecasts across different demand types using the most appropriate forecasting technique. The Demand Forecasting module enables companies to:
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Manage stock levels efficiently
  • Avoid obsolete stock
  • Improve supplier relationships
SCP Replenishment Planning Module - Overview
The SCP Replenishment Planning module generates recommended replenishment quantities (orders) to be placed on suppliers and will produce supply plans and re-order levels as well as recommended stock levels and re-order points for the stocks at each warehouse or for Vendor Managed Inventory at a dealer/customer locations.

Inventory Optimisation
A fundamental part of the Syncron Replenishment Planning module is the product segmentation achieved using the Inventory Policy (multi-pareto ABC analysis). Products are classified according to criteria such as the annual turnover, sales volume, service level required, demand frequency and picks. Separate boundary parameters can be set up using different numbers of historical periods, for example slow products might be calculated using 2-3 years of demand history, whereas fast products might be calculated using 1 year of demand history.

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