Global Supply Management

Global Supply Management (Syncron)

Products from Syncron

Global Supply Management (Syncron)

Products from Syncron

Global Supply Management manages the relationship and collaboration with suppliers in the build-to-stock supply process.

Global Supply Management
Easy global partner collaboration
Globalisation and outsourcing initiatives increase the supply management challenges. This requires procurement executives to adopt new sourcing and supply management strategies to drive continuous improvements in supply costs and performance.

Our solution
Supply management starts with achieving control of all your supplier relations. All the enterprises buying activities are monitored and followed up to enhance control and this subsequently reduces your material cost.

Syncron enables you to centrally manage your supplier agreements. While supplier relations and agreements are controlled centrally, the actual buying, e.g. call offs, are handled locally at each site based on distributed supplier agreements.

The Syncron software capture call offs, applies buying policies and handles the fulfilment process between collaborating trading partners.
Global Supply Management supports the Vendor Managed Inventory model and in such collaboration scenarios also provides suppliers with required information, i.e. forecasts, stock, net requirement, for efficient planning at the supplier side.

Business results:

  • Reduced cost of material
  • Shorter delivery and cash-to-cash cycle times
  • Mitigate latency
  • Quickly adapt to new sourcing strategies and trading partners
  • Optimized sourcing decisions
  • Remove people-intensive low value add procurement administration
  • Improved supplier relations and performance


  • Supplier agreement management
  • Single view of all buying activities
  • Self Billing concept
  • VMI fulfilment process
  • Web-EDI
  • Global supply chain order tracking and visibility
  • Global supply chain and inventory visibility
  • Global supplier management
  • Business Process Management
  • Exception alerts
  • Process-centric solution with a service-oriented architecture
  • Strong integration framework
  • Modelling capabilities - BPEL compliant

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