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STB Engineering was founded in 1969, and had soon established itself as one of the UK's leading Bulk Materials Handling and Pneumatic Conveying specialists.

Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

About STB Engineering

STB Engineering was founded in Stroud in 1969, pioneering the development of Dense Phase conveying technology. The company rapidly established itself as a leading player in the field, identifying markets in the food, polymer and power industries. Their early Dense Phase systems found favour with the likes of the Milk Marketing Board and Hydro Polymers, where the need to transport high volumes of powders over long distances with minimal degradation was paramount. In addition, this type of conveying was more hygienic and was found to require far less maintenance than mechanical conveying techniques. Many of these systems are still in operation today, operating to their original specification after 30 years’ continuous operation.

Following STB’s success in this field, attention began to focus on cohesive products which had not been previously successfully conveyed by Dense Phase methods. In the early ‘70’s, STB became one the first companies to market Pulse Phase conveying technology. This refinement of Dense Phase conveying made it possible to transfer cohesive products down a pipeline by using an air knife to ‘cut’ the material into plugs after fluidisation, and also further reduce transfer velocities. STB’s Pulse Phase Conveying Pumps have been particularly successful in handling pharmaceutical products.

In 1974, STB acquired a fabrication company, also in Stroud, and relocated to these premises. The company embarked on an ambitious program to expand capacity to enable construction of one-piece silos up to 25m high by 4.2m diameter. STB are now one of the country’s leading authorities on silo design and manufacture.

By the late ‘70’s, STB reputation was growing rapidly, and by now powder converters as well as producers were looking to realise the benefits of pneumatic conveying. As a result, STB diversified into relatively simple and low-cost Dilute Phase conveying systems required by food and polymer processors. Several hundred of these systems have now been installed in applications as diverse as bakeries, pharmaceutical plants, confectionery manufacturers and tyre-makers.

More recently, there has been a trend towards vacuum systems, which offer the additional benefits of tending to contain product and eliminating the introduction of heat produced by air compression. This has proven especially popular in the field of PVC extrusion, where containment of lead additives is vitally important. Today, the STB Vacuum LineFeed System feeds more major PVC extrusion plants in the UK and Ireland than any other type of system, bearing testament to its proven performance and reliability. STB has also acquired complimentary expertise in batching and weighing systems, and is the UK market leader in the supply of mixing plants to the UK polymer industry.

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