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Manufacture Europe's largest range of plastic containers, trays and pallets for storage, handling and distribution.

Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom

About Schoeller Allibert UK

Schoeller Allibert UK containers, bulk boxes and pallets are tough, long lasting and cost effective, providing revolutionary RTP (returnable plastic packaging) solutions.

Manufactured in tough polypropylene or high density polyethylene.

Safe: Smooth surfaces, free from splinters, staples or metal shards, in order to protect contents and prevent injury.

Secure: No other container protects your products like Schoeller Allibert. Smooth surfaces and shock absorbing lid and base protect contents from damage, while the tamper-evident seal facility on our Attached Lid Containers provides unrivalled security.

Hygienic: Easy to clean, plastic containers and pallets do not absorb moisture or contaminants. Ventilated trays promote air flow, helping to maintain quality of fresh produce by speeding cooling in fridges and freezers and maintaining a constant temperature.

Save money: Providing years of maintenance-free service, Schoeller Allibert containers pay for themselves many times over during their long lives. Many models nest, saving valuable space on return transport.

Reduce carbon footprint: More carbon efficient than single-trip cardboard (after just 20 trips) and recyclable at the end of their long working lives, Schoeller Allibert containers provide the ecological, as well as economical, solution!

Schoeller Allibert has the capacity to support customers in a way which is unique in the industry. From design and manufacture, to asset management and finally recycling, we are able to offer our customers the complete solution.

We take a flexible approach to supply chain solutions. The following are all available as combined or stand alone packages - each can be individually tailored to bring maximum financial return from your supply chain packaging:

  • Design and manufacture: with a dedicated UK design team and over 50 years innovating and manufacturing products that are "best in class", Schoeller Allibert can deliver a purpose built product to meet your exact needs.
  • Finance: ease your cash flow with a range of leasing, rental or pay-per-trip options.
  • BuyBack: trade in your old containers for a brand new up to date fleet.
  • Asset management: contracting Logtek, the supply chain services division of Schoeller Allibert, to manage your container fleet ensures that you have the correct quantity of crates, at the right location, clean, serviceable and on time.
  • IT and identification: Lintracker, the software solution behind efficient asset tracking, gives you total control of your container fleet. Lintracker can be combined with RFID or barcode systems.
  • Equipment control: managing your suppliers use of your crate fleet.
  • Repair & maintenance: keeping your crates on-the-road, our team of maintenance engineers carry out routine inspect and repair services.
  • Crate washing: Logtek currently operates six wash plants throughout the UK and has the skills and resources to set up a facility on your doorstep.
  • Carbon Footprint: based on carbon footprint assessment to PAS 2050 we can accurately measure the carbon footprint of packaging within your supply chain.
  • Recycling: Schoeller Allibert can take care of collecting, recycling and re-using returnable packaging materials that are ready to be replaced.

Schoeller Allibert has pioneered many developments and has established industry benchmarks in most product sectors, including retail, agricultural, automotive and food processing. The development of many new products comes as a direct result of the close working relationship Schoeller Allibert enjoys with its customers.

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ISO 14001: Environment, ISO 9001: Quality, ISO 22000: Food Safety & ISO 50001: Energy

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