Qingdao Promising International

As a professional small loader manufacture and forklift producer in China, we can manufacture any type of mini loaders, forklifts according to customers’ design and requirements (ODM service).

Qingdao, Shandong, China

About Qingdao Promising International

As an experienced loader manufacturer we can manufacture articulated wheel loaders of different capacity from 0.6T mini loader to 5.0T compact wheel loaders, including 0.6T mini loader ZL06F, 0.8T mini front loader ZL08F and ZL08G, 1.0T small loader ZL10A and ZL10F, 1.2T small front loader ZL12A and ZL12F, 1.5T mini front end loader ZL15F and ZL15G, 1.6T small front end loader ZL16F, 1.8T mini wheel loader ZL18F, 2.0T small wheel loader ZL20F, 3.0T mini front wheel loader ZL30FS and ZL30F, 5.0T compact wheel loader ZL50F.

All our wheel loaders are articulated loaders and 4 wheel drive. If you need further information or help, please feel free to contact us.

After optionally equipped with various loader attachments or loader implements made by our company, such as log grapple, timber grab, grass grapple, hay grab, bale grapple, snow blade, street sweeper, drum grapple, barrel grab, snow bucket, sanding bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, pallet fork and dustpan, etc. each wheel loader can also be used as log loader, timber loader, grass loader, grass grab, hay loader, hay grab, sugar cane loader, sugar cane grab, bale loader, bale grab, snow grader, snow blower, street sweeper, drum loader, barrel grab, snow sweeper, snow plough, snow scraper and forklift, which really realizes one machine can be used for multiple purposes.



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