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About Project

Fifteen years ago, on lake Garda’s shore, a project destined to have success was born. The idea shared by the entrepreneurs Danilo Bartoli and his wife Luisa Buizza, from Brescia, was simple and brilliant: to put their own computing know-how to serve management companies. In this way, Project SRL was born holding the Ser-data software as one of its brightest successes.

The driving force of Project SRL is Danilo Bartoli, although for many people (in technology fairs) he has been renamed “Mr. Ser-data” and every day it becomes more and more true. It was his wife Luisa Buizza who shared this anecdote. 

Working for companies since 1993: Happy Birthday Project SRL!

“The project was born on the 23rd of January, 1993” Bartoli reminds us “at one of Salò’s beaches. I came from a background of working in an individual company that offered general computing assistance,” he further stated “but I dreamt of doing something more professional. I came up with the name Project SRL, and then my wife created the logo. I am very happy with it”. It has a circle inside of a square with a big P in the middle. This logo has an important meaning to the Italian people, it means finding the answers to any difficult problem. Moreover, it evokes high technology and advanced solutions, and it has become a part of the collective team of all the workers in our sector. Thanks to the policy of logo promotion, knowledge of Project SRL has been passed on from the moment we started our work in the cleaning company world.

Currently, we have two “heavy” software programs, Ser-data and the Profit manual, and eight more “light” software programs specializing in particular aspects of company management. In the world of cleaning, we are known as Ser-data. The current Ser-data program is the result of many years of work and updating. In the meantime, many things have changed and, as usually happens, the needs from clients have become even more specific. Today, Ser-dataXP helps companies to grow by rationalizing the use of time and money. There are eleven modules of use: presence control, use of the construction site budgets, estimates, warehousing, statistics, invoicing, tools, services, ISO 9001/vision 2000 certification, and as new innovation: a technical project that has to do with cleaning and garbage disposal, which is a very current issue.

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