The world's leading manufacturer of pallet magazines for stacking and destacking of empty pallets. We are known for original innovations in work environments.

Nykøbing Mors, Denmark


The first PALOMAT® was developed because one of the owners himself suffered from back problems. This created the need for a machine that could handle pallets at floor level. In this way, employees could avoid manual handling of pallets. Since then various basic models were developed with the sole purpose of streamlining and improving the work environment in workplaces worldwide.

We are at the cutting edge of efficiency in production, packing units, warehouses, and improving the working environment. We develop and produce pallet machines that create order and efficiency in work environments, where pallets are handled. Production is based on the lean principle, which helps to maintain high quality.

A good product has made us the preferred supplier of pallet magazines in several domestic and international companies. We have produced more than 1000 different pallet magazines including machines that are adapted to the specific company's need. For this very same reason, we have extensive experience and expertise in customised constructions - and we like to advise our customers with the right solution and the optimal placement of the Palomat® in their own surroundings.

We place great standards on our products. Therefore, we use only the best suppliers for the components. At the same time, we place great importance on the PALOMAT's readiness for immediate use upon customer delivery. The machine only leaves our factory, when it has been thoroughly tested and passed our quality assurance tests.

PALOMAT® is an independent company in BILA A / S. We have a close cooperation with all our distributors, located in most European countries.

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  • Leaflet regarding the pallet magazines PALOMAT® Stand Alone for stacking and destacking of empty pallets at floor level - no more pallets taken by hand... Download
  • Leaflet regarding the pallet magasine PALOMAT® Inline - automatic stacking and destacking of empty pallets in automatic systems. Download



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