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Robotic pallet wrapper with power pre-stretch

Robotic pallet wrapper with power pre-stretch ( Ruotator with power pre-stretch)

Products from Packmore s.r.l.

Robotic pallet wrapper with power pre-stretch ( Ruotator with power pre-stretch)

Products from Packmore s.r.l.

High performance automatic pallet robot wrapper. With power pre-stretch from 100% to 300% ratio.

Product description

Machine with power pre-stretch. Pre-stretch adjustable by changing of gears from 100% to 300% stretch.

The wrapper Ruotator is an automated robot for wrapping of medium / high quantities of pallets. Despite the great performance and great battery life, the machine is very compact and is built with a new guidance system that allows manual manoeuvers impossible for competitors machines.

Ruotator has endless possibilities of regulation: parameters, customizable features, 8 wrapping cycles, 8 operator wrapping programs, film break / end alarm, and everything it may be necessary for more complex packaging needs.

This machine model with power pre-stretch comes with a motorized system with variable ratio by changing of gears. The possible stretch ratios are 100-150-200-250-300%. Other ratios may be customized on request. The output tension of the film is electronically controlled by the panel, and can be differentiated during the various stages of the wrapping.

These settings allow total control of wrapping at any point of the pallet, maximizing savings and avoid film breakage due to sharp edges. The power pre-stretch carriage is equipped with a quick loading system to speed up the roll change. It’s possible to use stretch film rolls with maximum external diameter of 300 mm and inner core of 2 and 3 inches.

The wrapping machine Ruotator automatically wraps pallets and pallets of any size and shape because revolves around the product to be packaged individually, following the outline of the timber pallet or the product itself. This machine model detects the height of the pallet automatically by a photocell.

From the control panel you can adjust the rotation speed, the ascent and descent of the carriage, set how many rounds of stretch film should be positioned at the base or the top of the pallet. There are 8 different wrapping cycles and you can store data in different programs customizable by the operator. Many other possibility of adjustment are available for any need. The machine is powered by batteries and has a minimum range of 150 pallet wrappings per charge. The battery charger is on board; to recharge, simply insert the main plug.


  • Distance from side of the pallet 110 cm
  • Power pre-stretch with percentage...100-150-200-250 or 300%
  • Film tension adjustable in different cycle phases
  • Film tension adjustable by control panel
  • Quick film loading system
  • Spool carriage anti-falling system
  • Height detected by Photocell and/or altimeter
  • Rotation speed adjustment
  • Separated up and down speed adjustment
  • Separated regulation for bottom and top rounds
  • 8 different wrapping cycles + semi-automatic cycle
  • 8 different user programs
  • Film end or break alarm
  • Flashing light and beeper for cycle start
  • Battery autonomy 160 pallet
  • Supply with 2 battery: 12v - 100Ah
  • Stretch film core diameter: 50-76 mm
  • Stretch film coil Max diameter 300 mm
  • Battery charger inside
  • Battery charger supply 100-230v - 50/60hz - CE Mark


  • Pallet grip device
  • Double pallet sensing wheel D=320mm
  • Wheel D=405mm
  • Double pallet sensing wheel D=405mm
  • Wheel D=610mm
  • Power pre-stretch gear 150%
  • Power pre-stretch gear 200%
  • Power pre-stretch gear 250%
  • Power pre-stretch gear 300%
  • Photocell for black pallets
Model Useful wrapping height
Ruotator 2.0 2.0 metres
Ruotator 2.4 2.4 metres
Ruotator 2.8 2.8 metres

Digital downloads

  • Ruotator power pre-stretch depliant Download
  • Ruotator power pre stretch tech datas Download

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