Automatic Wheel Chock System

Automatic Wheel Chock System (Norsud Calematic™)

Products from PREMIUM Norsud

Automatic Wheel Chock System (Norsud Calematic™)

Products from PREMIUM Norsud

A system of 8 automatic wheel chocks which provide maximum safety when loading/unloading on quays, docks, bays, etc.


To ensure optimum safety and guaranteed vehicle immobility, Norsud has developed an automatic wheel locking system for use during the loading/unloading of vehicles. The Calematic™ offers total reliability and helps to guarantee there is no risk of accidents involving people or equipment.

The Calematic™ consists of a set of retractable wheel chocks stored underneath the vehicle platform. On arrival of a truck to the loading bay, the warehouse operator pushes a button which causes the chocks to be raised and set into place. The vehicle is now immobilised. Only at this point can the operator open the gate to lower the ramp. Loading and unloading is now risk free. Once loading/unloading has concluded, the warehouse operator lifts the ramp and closes the gate. Then, and only then, will the system activate to lower the chocks. Once chocks have been lowered, the truck is free to leave the docking area.

A simple and reliable system:

  • Calematic™ has no engines, ball bearings, or complicated mechanical parts to deal with.
  • The system is powered though dry compressed air, thus there is no risk of oil leaks, making it environmently friendly.
  • In use since 1989, the systems is highly reliable and boasts numerous customer references.
  • Simple, sensor-free control.
  • Is indistructable when used in normal working conditions.

Guaranteed security:

  • The vehicles are immobilised without the use of man power.
  • Solidly set in place; the chocks can withstand the force of a truck at full power.
  • The system has been developed under the control of approved safety organisations (AIF, CRAM,...).
  • Patented in France and abroad.
  • Chocks are completely safe.
  • Is able to lock any type of vehicle and securely hold it in more than one position.

An easy-to-use product:

  • Chocks are activated by way of a simple control panel.
  • No tools are needed to dismantle the chocks.
  • There are no engines, no lubricating devices, no gears, and no chains.
  • Regular visual checks are all that is required to ensure the system's proper working order.

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Specialised in safety devices for transhipment quays and loading bay environments. Winner of the INPI 2002 award.

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