Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Articulated Warehouse Truck

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Articulated Warehouse Truck (FLEXI™ Flexi AC HiMAX)

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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Articulated Warehouse Truck (FLEXI™ Flexi AC HiMAX)

Products from Narrow Aisle

High lift Flexi, lifts up to 14 metres. High lift tilting fork technology. CCTV LCD vision system for the operator.

Specially engineered to combine narrow aisle operation, with lift heights demanded by today’s logistics industry, Flexi AC HiMAX features three chassis options - 1250 mm, 1350 mm or 1400 mm depending on the application - to provide extra load rating and stability.

  • Specially developed for lifting ISO and EURO pallets to over 14 metres of lift
  • Heavy Duty Double-Deck 2.5 Tonne chassis
  • Full 1750 kg at 600 mm load centres to 5 metres
  • Latest generation Zapi AC drive technology for reduced maintenance costs
  • Narrow ‘True Radius’® chassis allows fast efficient pallet put away and optimum travel speed in the aisle
  • Heavy Duty Fixed Mast for unbeatable high-level stability
  • Side shifting and tilting forks mean special flat floors not required
  • Unique ‘VISION’ twin post operators overhead guard conforms to CE/US standards
  • Flat Screen LCD CCTV High-Level Operator Vision System as standard
  • Three chassis widths 1250 mm, 1350 mm and 1400 mm for optimum performance
  • Heavy-duty 2.5 tonne articulation design
  • AC technology and independent power steering motor for maximum energy saving
  • Independent 1,8 kW power steering for safe low noise hydraulic steering
  • Adds 30% more ground-level picking and storage locations, compared to moving mast reach trucks.

High-Quality Specification

The Flexi AC HiMAX articulated forklift truck is purposed designed and features heavy duty mast sections fixed in a strengthened front frame, plus integrated tilting and side shifting fork carriage. The result is higher lift capacity and the elimination of mast deflection when operating at a high level.

Maximum Safety - whatever the lift height

Safe, efficient operation is at the heart of the Flexi AC HiMAX articulated forklift truck. Features such as CCTV and optional Laser Height Selection allow operators to stack safely at over 14 metres with minimum fatigue. Additionally, the fixed ‘clear vision’ triplex free lift mast, high-back, fully adjustable seat with armrests and high vision, overhead guard, combine to ensure the Flexi AC HiMAX is the ultimate solution for warehouses requiring fast throughput capability with Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) storage density.

  • Developed to allow precision stacking to over 14 metres, combining 220º articulation with 2,5 Tonne reliability.
  • High Definition LCD CCTV allows the operator to stack safely to over 14 metres with minimum fatigue. Programmable Lazer lift height selection for fast stacking.
  • Full forward and back tilt facility for maximum capacity and minimal lift mast deflection to over 14 metres.
  • Operators have excellent forward visibility thanks to ‘HiVIS’ triplex free lift mast, special four lift cylinder design. Mast tilt means easy fork entry into pallets on vehicles.
  • Low Rear lift off or roll off for fast change-overs. Good access for battery topping. No motors or brakes underneath.

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