With over 25 years experience since we invented print & apply labelling, we are still the leading expert in this field.


Clifton Moor Industrial Estate, York, United Kingdom

About Logopak

Logopak DNA - 25 years of evolution.

Logopak innovations and continued developments

  • Formed 1978 Manufacturing machinery for greetings cards.
  • 1980 Manufactured first labelling system.
  • 1983 Invented & manufactured the first "print & apply" labeller.
  • 1987 Moved totally into "print & apply".
  • 1989 Developed L.E.A.P. Print & apply control system.
  • 1990 Supplied first Logopak 920 series pallet labelling system.
  • 1991 Manufactured First two sided 920 pallet labelling system.
  • 1994 Developed first rotary applicator labelling system (240ppm).
  • 1995 Introduced "SFB" print-head technology.
  • 1998 Developed Power LEAP II control system based on CAN-BUS.
  • 1999 Developed three sided 920 pallet labelling system.
  • 2001 Developed 920 DK very high speed pallet labelling system (240pph).
  • 2001 Produced print & apply and RFID labellers.
  • 2005 Introduced new 500 generation of high speed print & apply labellers.
  • 2009 Introduced PL Gen3 new control system.
  • 2009 Introduced "Email-out" service facility in all labellers.
  • 2009 Introduced compact 400 print & apply labeller range.
  • 2009 Introduced "body splitting" to assist ease of service and maintenance.
  • 2010 Introduced new compact 815 PF pallet labelling systems.
  • 2010 Introduced removal of waste liner (Backing paper) from customer sites.
  • 2011 Introduced Solvent free thermal transfer ribbon supplies (green print & apply).
  • 2011 Introduced "green" print & apply labeller.
  • 2011 Introduced LASER in print and labeller.

25 Years of print & apply is in our DNA

Our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of print & apply labelling machines from the simplest line to the most demanding production environment is still unsurpassed.

Logopak labelling machinery covers from slow and medium speed packing lines to the highest speed canning and bottling production and from hand applied pallet labels to single stop two and three sided pallet labelling at 240 pallets per hour.

NO other print & apply labelling system is as industrially built, has the advanced level of technical design or the longevity in production situations that Logopak machines have.

With the purchase of a Logopak print & apply labeller comes installation and commissioning by our own skilled engineering team, many of whom have ten years experience on servicing Logopak products.

This ensures that they are confident and technically skilled in installation, service and all maintenance aspects and ensures that customer downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Many of the UK's largest companies and many multi-nationals with UK production facilities have used and trusted Logopak for many many years to provide excellent industrial solutions to their product identification needs in case & tray labelling, carton and box labelling, mail order labelling, keg labelling, pallet labelling and for all print and apply and RFID requirements.

Logopak print & apply labellers are EXPECTED to last well over 10 years in normal production situations and many units can be seen today, still running after 15 years in production.

Business specialists for Labeling, Identification & Radiofrequency