Light fully powered stacker

Light fully powered stacker (Logiflex SELFS Mini)

Products from Logitrans

Light fully powered stacker (Logiflex SELFS Mini)

Products from Logitrans

Transports, lifts and handles different goods easily on all types of pallets. Lifting heights up to 1620 mm.
Capacity: 1000 kg

Light, flexible and safe!

Logiflex Mini is a light and manoeuvrable fully powered stacker - your best choice for the light handling in minor storage and shopping areas.

The design puts focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. Logiflex Mini can be adjusted to the individual user, and the ergonomic correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold. The low overall height gives optimum view conditions.

No damage to surroundings, pallets and goods - Logiflex has an elegant design with rounded corners.

High quality is ensured through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in health and safety.

High performance

  • Capacity - 1000 kg
  • AC-technology (Curtis Controller)
  • Long operating time per charge
  • Easy setting of e.g. driving speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Soft acceleration
  • Speed control

High efficiency

  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Many opportunities for optional extras
  • Operates with the handle upright

High safety

  • Low overall height = optimum view
  • All control buttons on handle
  • Foot protectors
  • Shielded chains

Easy service and maintenance

  • Easy access to the battery
  • Detachable cover

Optimum ergonomics

  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Individual adjustment

Great durability

  • Strong construction
  • Long operating life
  • Low maintenance costs

Digital downloads

  • Light fully powered stacker - Leaflet Download

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