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Computer enclosure

Computer enclosure (LM Réalisations Agro GM Large)

Products from LM Réalisations

Computer enclosure (LM Réalisations Agro GM Large)

Products from LM Réalisations

Designed to house a complete computer workstation.
Composite materials, compatible with RF-WiFi transmissions.

Product description

Single compartment enclosure, designed to house a complete computer workstation with LCD monitor, base unit, printer or weighing system, keyboard and mouse. Widely used in food industry.

  • IP 65 protection and leaktightness
  • Compatible with RF and WIFI transmissions
  • Optimised working space
  • Fully modular internal structure
  • Watertight, smooth surface for easy cleaning

The body of the cabinet is a single, thermoplastic form, meaning the front and rear structure are a single structure.

The body is an extruded composite material, 19 mm thick, making it watertight and mechanically strong, preventing condensation build up and the development of microorganisms. No sharp corners, preventing the build-up of waste/dirt.

Connectivity - the computer enclosure is supplied with:

  • A strip of five 220V 10/16A electrical sockets with its own illuminated master switch
  • Two standard cable glands (7 to 13 mm) to allow cables to enter the cabinet

PC enclosure is opened/closed by a shutter blind manufactured with thermoplastic strips and mounted on two PVC rails, fitted with seals to assure the cabinet remains leak tight.

Two adjustable shelves: one for the monitor and the other for a labelling machine and/or a weighing machine, (option of sliding shelves) and sliding polyethylene keyboard shelf.

Removable rear panel which can be slid down to facilitate access to the computer equipment within.


  • KDL: system of opening cable glands, making it possible to connect cables without having to remove their end pieces, assuring a leaktight cabinet
  • Stainless steel legs or  wall mounting
  • Touch screen integration on front panel
  • Various accessories: sliding shelf, sloping roof, lock, heat extraction, ventilation

Commercial conditions

Product in stock
Delivery ready-fitted

Technical details

Overall external W 880 x D 750 x H 1000 mm
Usable internal W 790 x D 600 x H 910 mm

Digital downloads

  • Protective cabinet - Large model - AGRO GM Download

About LM Réalisations

LM Réalisations

LM Réalisations

Designer and manufacturer of workstations (fixed and mobile) and protective cabinets for computer hardware and printers used in industrial environments.

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