Kern Frio

Specialised manufacturer of insulated packaging for the cold chain logistics. We provide complete solutions for safe and controlled transports of temperature sensitive products.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

About Kern Frio

Our engineering and testing department provides validated and directly implementable insulated systems that ensure the compliance with the required conditions throughout the whole shipment independently of external climatic factors.

As we colaborate closely with our customers taking into account all specific factors that make each shipment unique, the end users receive solutions that perfectly fit their needs and requirements.

Insulated single use solutions provide maintenance of the required temperature (refrigerated or frozen) and delivery conditions (delivery time of up to 96 hours) throughout the whole shipment regardless of external conditions. We offer a wide range of insulated boxes and containers of standard formats as well as customized solutions designed according to the needs of our customers. All our solutions are validated and comply with ISO 9001 requirements.

High quality products as cooling elements, insulated covers and data loggers guarantee a 100% reusability thanks to their features and endurance. The complex and complete solutions designed by combining various single use and reusable products into unique reusable insulated systems prolong the delivery time possibilities and provide long durability of desired temperature - either ambient cooled or frozen - of every shipment.



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