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Photo-typeset Labels

Products from inotec

For product identification, type plates, inventory and rack identification, archival storage, pallet identification.

The hallmark of this process is the very high quality image that it is possible to achieve. This is especially important with barcode production. Light sensitive materials - paper, polyester and aluminium for example- are exposed under controlled computer driven conditions and a permanent photographic image is produced. This image is in the substrate so that it cannot be scratched off. Photo-typeset labels are tailor made to customer requirements, robust and long lasting.

inotec will supply you with photo-typeset labels that
  • have a sharp clear definition of bars
  • a narrow bar width that can be less than 0,1mm
  • a printing contrast of more than 90%
  • no toner scatter or other contamination of the spaces
  • are resistant to ultra violet light (no yellowing)
  • guarantee a 100% first time reading rate
  • product identification
  • type plates
  • inventory identification
  • archival storage
  • media identification at libraries
  • rack identification
  • pallet identification
  • document identification
  • identification of medical instruments
  • Polymaster HU
  • Classic HK/HKF
  • Cover Stantard HL2

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inotec - Your Partner For Superior Labelling

Specialist barcode label company providing quality labels and identification solutions.

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