Hersaba Logistics

Logistics spanish company specialised in picking through an automated storage in pallets and trays. We offer complete services at companies operating both nationally and internationally.

Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

About Hersaba Logistics

Hersaba Logistics is a logistics company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Our core business is the management and storage of goods through our modern automated storage system. We have an automated warehouse for pallets and trays of different sizes which can be multi-reference. In addition, we have an area with more than 200 multi-reference locations for pick-to-light.

Benefits of our automated warehouse:

  • Low manipulation of goods
  • Low error margin percentages
  • Integration with the client's operating system
  • Better control of stocks
  • Highly competitive prices

Our modern facilities allow us being the best partners for offering services with the highest solvency to e-commerce companies as well as companies with a high volume of product rotation.

Hersaba Logistics services cover the entire logistics chain:

  • Reception and verification of goods
  • Storage and classification of goods in pallets, trays, boxes or single units
  • Picking
  • Management of national and international transportation

In addition, customers can also benefit from having Hersaba Logistics as a control point of goods since we offer the manual supervision service of the typology, characteristics and state of goods so as its classification according to their status: in condition or defective.

In Hersaba Logistics we believe in the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Time and cost optimisation is a sinequanon condition in our business model by always looking for complicity and customer engagement.

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