Hart Door Systems

Manufacturers of fabric high speed door systems, blast doors, roller shutters, insulated roller shutters and steel doors.

Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

About Hart Door Systems

Hart Door Systems is a specialised engineering company which has pioneered the development of sophisticated industrial doors systems including its world-famous Speedor range which is operational on over 3,500 sites in the UK and in 15 countries world-wide.

As a result of its technical prowess and innovation Hart Door Systems has accumulated an enormous fund of knowledge on the design, installation and management of industrial door systems.

Hart was the pioneer of micro-processor based control systems for automatic high speed doors. This gives site managers the ability to remotely control and monitor system state and record traffic volume as well as making service scheduling easier. In addition, the useful data provided assists in planning work flows within the company.

The Hart control systems also provide sophisticated interlock facilities for environmental control. As energy or carbon taxes bite deeper in the future, energy-management aspects will become ever more important.

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