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They are located in North Italy with more than 20 years experience in the packaging field.

Borgo Ticino, Novara, Italy

About Forpackaging

Brand new company Forpackaging Group under the legal society name Forpackaging S.r.l.s, APM and MGM Companies and know-how located in North Italy with more than 20 years experience in the packaging field.


In 15 years they have reached the optimum solution for the vacuum and protected atmosphere packaging in the food and non-food sector. Long-term acknowledge in the sector leads, thank to the use of the higher technology, to project and realise the new generation machines optimising the costs and the flexibility of the production to meet any client’s requirement and custom-made machine.

Forpackaging Mediterraneo

Manufacturing plant of the group in Northern Africa, allowing to reach competitive costs and be competitive on the today’s market covering a wide range of customer subjects, particularly all the Mediterranean countries. It designs and builds complete packaging machineries for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic field.


Manufacturing and commercial plant in Bulgary, it manufactures and sells automatic packaging machineries and complete lines to the Eastern Europe and Russian countries.

Forpackaging South Africa

Sales office in Durban. It sells heat-sealers, flow pack and vertical packaging machineries to a wide range of customer subjects in the Southern African countries.

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