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Hand Truck (Expresso 2 011 21)

Products from Expresso France

All over the world, this product helps to make professional transport more ergonomic and efficient.

The allrounder – confirmed 100,000 times in practice: All over the world, this hand truck proves that professional transporting can be more ergonomic and efficient.

Top-quality, glass fibre reinforced cross-beams

Upper cross beam serves as handhold e.g. during transport on stairs.

Elliptical tube of special high-strength alloy

Frame made of high-strength elliptical aluminium alloy tube for utmost rigidity and loadability, reinforced in the main direction of stress – 50 % lighter than steel.

Precise-fitting, permanently protected safety joints.

Frame is reinforced with glass-fibre brackets in the main areas of stress or secured reliably with dual stainless steel clamps.

Wear strips made of EXLAN plastic with wear indicator

For special protection of the angled aluminium skids, and to prevent damage
when traversing steps. Integral red core of plastic strip shows the degree of wear.

Very fast replacement thanks to clip fasteners.

Curved through-axle with 25 mm diameter

The curved shape assists when tilting the truck (also with heavy loads), and
prevents the foot from slipping off. Curved axles are fitted as standard
to all trucks with 260 mm diameter wheels.

Pneumatic wheels

Each wheel has 2 precision ball bearings, dustproof and lubricated for life.

Closely-grooved, precision machined spade footplate

Options and Accessories

  • Customizable advertising plate 1080
  • The height-adjustable chair loading frame Type 1044 is suitable for transporting different chair sizes. When not in use, it is simply folded up and secured with a hook.

About Expresso France

Expresso France

Designer and manufacturer of manual handling and dock equipment since 1959.

Wasselonne, 67, France

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