Ertanlar Makina

Manufacturer of metal pallets.

Eskisehir, 26000, Turkey

About Ertanlar Makina

Leader in Europe and Asia, we try to answer all the requests and needs of our national and international customers who trust us. Since the establishment of our company in 1983, Ertanlar Machine Ltd. Corp. continuously monitors the steel production sector to design high-quality, resistant containers. That's why we continue our innovations in the steel and iron sector, allowing us to design heavy industrial steel constructions and metal pallets specially designed to meet the needs of our customers. Ertanlar Makina has been offering quality service and know-how for 30 years. Through a young and dynamic team, we always try to improve our customer service and meet the needs of technical innovations.


ISO 9001

Business specialists for Containers, Pallets & Receptacles