EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme

Makers of the world's fastest high speed door at 4m/sec and manufacturers of fast action doors for all industrial applications. Founded in 1974 the company has a global sales and service network

Lye, West Midlands, United Kingdom

About EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme

In 1974, when the company was founded, EFAFLEX was the first company worldwide which exclusively dealt with high-speed doors. And they knew what they did! Since this vision made up the edge on our competitors from the first day. Today, EFAFLEX is THE brand manufacturer of high-speed doors and the unchallenged technology leader. The company has more than 800 employees worldwide. The EFAFLEX headquarters are located in Bruckberg (Bavaria), just twenty minutes from Munich airport. The sales network, which has extended over all five continents since 1994, is managed from there. For more than 30 years, EFAFLEX has offered innovative and creative art of engineering made in Germany.

By deciding in favour of an EFAFLEX high-speed door, you have opted for the worldwide leading technology and benefit exclusively from our technical edge. In-house research and development are an important part of the EFAFLEX company philosophy. We guarantee permanent progress. Being a technology leader is not easy but for the sake of your future success, we will continue developing revolutionary door systems. Our sales network extends over all five continents. And we have subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands.

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