Void fill packaging solutions that convert 100% recycled, biodegradable paper or surplus cardboard boxes into easy to use, cost effective packaging materials.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

About Easypack

Easypack are specialists in cushion void fill systems. We offer paper, airbag and shredder solutions to your void fill requirements. All paper is 100% recycled and biodegradable making Easypack a champion of green packaging. Paper is available in single or twin ply and is supplied in a option different grades (gsm) to suit every product.

Easypack’s newest paper system, the Packmaster, based on 15 years of market experience, has been engineered to give a compact and reliable converting machine using the renowned features of the Easypack range to produce a state of the art packaging system. The easy to use paper machine produces durable, flexible, multi-layered cushions which provide proven protection during transit with void fill, that’s economical.

Launched successfully two years ago, the Packmate has all the benefits of the Packmaster system, but is also compact to fit any production environment. Simple to use, it creates strong, flexible, multi-layered cushions that offer proven transit protection as well as being economical and environmentally responsible.

The Easypack Spiral™ generates continuous tubes of 100% recycled packaging paper that can be easily formed and shaped to offer cushion protection as well as cost-effective void fill. Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, the system produces a quicker and better pack than hand-formed paper while taking up minimum space on the packing bench. For larger volumes, Easypack provides the powered Spiral Pro.

The Easypack Cassette™ generates large tubular pillows to any length and volume, with softness controlled by the packer as each bag is formed. The result is exactly the right amount of void fill every time with no wastage. Bags are produced on demand and this eliminates storage and distribution problems associated with large numbers of small bags. For higher volumes, the Easypack Cassette SA provides faster production of large airbags. Eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable film available as an alternative to LD-PE.

The Easypack Shredder™ effortlessly converts surplus cardboard boxes into a supple mat which is perfect for protection and void fill for all types of goods in transit. The flexible mat is very effective for packing heavy items and safeguards any sharp edges and corners.

Since the company was founded more than 15 years ago, Easypack has built on its reputation as the high quality manufacturer and supplier of bespoke void fill packaging solutions, suitable for all industries. Easypack’s personal approach is both friendly and expert, but also highly efficient and responsive to customer needs. Our sales team, engineers and design team deal directly with the end users, delivering quick responses and ensuring they develop continually improved solutions. Easypack maintains stock of all products ready for instant dispatch direct to your facility.

Our after sales service is second to none. The customer call program and preventative maintenance schedule ensures that Easypack continually maintain a positive relationship directly with its valued customers. All Easypack systems are built to the highest standard but should the unexpected happen dedicated engineers are on call to quickly and efficiently resolve any issue.

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