Vacuum handling and automation specialist. Manufacturer of suction cups, vacuum pumps and peripheral components.

Montelier, France

About Coval

A technological partner on a global scale

Located in the southeast region of France, Coval conceives, manufactures and globally distributes high performance, advanced vacuum automation components and systems for industrial applications in all branches.

Coval is an ISO 9001: V2015 certified company which offers innovative solutions integrating reliable and optimised components with intelligent functionalities. The focus is to provide the most personalised and economic solution to a given application while assuring a significant improvement in the productivity and the safety for the vacuum users around the world.

Coval has an ambition for technical excellence and innovation. As a specialist in vacuum automation, Coval is reputed for offering reliable, personalised, cost effective and productive solutions.

The references of Coval can be found in several industrial sectors (packaging, automotive industry, plastic, graphic, aeronautic…) where vacuum handling is important for high efficiency and productivity.

Coval markets its products and services all over Europe, in the United States and South America through its subsidiaries and authorised distribution network. Coval strives to provide customer driven solutions and gives the best possible treatment to satisfy all its clients.

Digital downloads

  • For over 30 years, Coval supplies the different companies involved in the Aerospace industry with comprehensive management of vacuum handling for the manufacturing process as a whole: lifting,moving.. Download
  • Coval provides the various players in the automotive industry with an overall vacuum handling approach for all their lifting, moving, placing, and clamping needs for any parts of the car body. Download
  • Coval's vocation is to contribute to the performance and safety of industrial processes by vacuum handling objects of all sizes, weights and materials. Download
  • Coval offers a line of suction cups and vacuum pumps that can be exposed to water and humidity while maintaining a high performance level. They fully meet the strict hygiene requirements. Download

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