Manufacturers and suppliers of heavy duty camera monitor systems, primarily for industrial vehicles.

Ordingen, Belgium

About Comatra

Comatra is very passionate about solving operator vision restrictions on all types of industrial vehicles, aiding operators in their daily work.

All the Comatra solutions are based on the “Keep it Simple” principle, ensuring that the installation and implementation of the systems are made accessible to everybody.

The Comatra 4KLIFT CAM enhances the view of the forklift operator that is otherwise obstructed. When working at any height it is hard for the driver to determine the correct fork position, except by trial and error.

Nowadays, an efficient forklift driver is expected to be accurate and fast, but also needs to becautious when handling, and if possible all at the same time.

A lot of damage to loads/racks/pallets/etc. is caused due to the obstructed view of the driver.

Studies have shown that camera systems help to reduce load damaging, as well as associated problems such as lost time and sick leave caused by back and neck pain.

Forklift operators regularly look upward to position a load and twist their body to look backwards, putting their back and neck under a constant stress. Although a camera monitor system does require some to time to get accustomed to, it will boost driver efficiency in no time. Just think about those redundant accidents that happen as a result of the drivers not seeing the person or obstacle in their way.

Installing the Comatra 4KLIFT CAM solution, gives the driver full visibility of all movement around his forklift. You will wonder how you’ve ever managed without.


ISO9001:2008 , CE , E4

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