Manufacturer of labeling and filling machines for adhesive labels since 1991. The company offers a wide range of solutions for the labelling of your products.

Narbonne, 11, France

About CDA

CDA is a french fast growing SME. It designs, manufactures and markets since 1991 custom-made filling and labeling machines for a wide range of sectors (viticulture, agro-food, cosmetics, e-cigarettes, chemicals, agri-food, detergents, etc.).

Our clients, located in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, have allowed us to become a real expert in the filling of liquid, viscous and pasty products, as well as labeling a multitude of container shapes (cylindrical, square, conical, oval) of various constitutions (PET, glass, metal, cardboard).

CDA manufactures machines specially designed for the labeling of wine bottles (tranquil and effervescent). With more than 25 years of experience in the wine sector, CDA’s machines meet the various requirements in terms of label removal, counter labeling, medals, capsules and caps. The flexibility of our labeling solutions provides real comfort for CDA customers.

We also offer a multitude of solutions for beer packaging: whether in glass bottles, cans or casks, CDA meets your needs through its Brew & Bottles range. Our machines are adapted to the small productions of the microbreweries as well as to the much higher rates of the industrialists of the sector.

For the chemical sector, our semi-automatic and automatic machines perfectly meet the needs of our customers offering chemicals (solvents, strippers, pesticides, fertilizers), fine chemicals (extracts, concentrates, flavors) and maintenance (detergency, soap, detergent, cleaning agent).

CDA also adapts itself to the paint sector by offering packaging that meets all the specific requirements. The selection of the container, whether being metal buckets with a handle, paint tubes or rectangular PET containers, is chosen according to the nature of the paint and its components. A wide range of machines ranging from semi-automatic to automatic can meet the requirements of professional painters.

We also offer customers a wide range of machines that meet the expectations and regulatory requirements of the players in the agri-food sector. Whether you want to fill or label round, oval or square products, CDA will find an effective labeling solution for your preserves, cans, jars, jars and cans in plastic, glass and others.

Moreover, the rise and development of the steam industry has prompted CDA to design a range of machines specially adapted to the small bottles of your e-liquids, e-juices and bases. All the requirements in terms of filling, screwing and labeling of bottles are echoed in the solutions we propose.

The cosmetics sector, more than any other, offers a wide variety of shapes, materials and characteristics. CDA has put its packaging expertise at the service of its customers to design machines that can adapt to the filling and labeling of varnish, shampoo, soap and all kinds of care. The removal of transparent labels or notebooks has no secrets for us!

After 26 years of existence, the success of our company can be summarised in 5 key words: perseverance, passion, innovation, humility and humanism.

Maximising value added, precision and simplicity are our three principles of conduct in our work process as well as in our customer relations. We are committed to projects that enable us to implement these principles.

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