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Wrapping station (Robopac Rotoplat 3000 PGS)

  • Useful width of roller conveyor: 1100mm.

Detailed information about the product Wrapping station

Rotoplat 3000 is a high-performance wrapping station with great added value. The design, materials and software applied to develop this in-line wrapping machine are based on the highest standards of quality and safety. The ball-bearing support, the gear motor drive, the high-capacity rollers and the closed tube frame guarantee a strong and reliable wrapping machine. The film cutting and clamping unit and the integrated tail wipe system provide a fully automatic wrapping cycle and adherence of the film to the bedplate.


Carriage PGS: Powered fixed pre-stretch with manually interchangeable ratios

Machine characteristics
Useful width of roller conveyor 1100mm
Turntable rotation speed 4-15 rpm
Forklift opening Front and rear
Power supply voltage 400 Volt 3 Ph + N - 50/60 Hz
Installed power 3.8kW
Pre-stretch ratio 250% with fixed ratio, manually interchangeable
Phase stopping, soft start Standard
Automatic clamp and cut unit Standard
Remote control cycle start Optional
Cutting and sealing device Optional
Roller height from floor 400mm

Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Maximum dimensions (LXW) 1200 x 1000mm
Maximum useful height 2400mm
Maximum load weight 1500kg

Film spool characteristics
Maximum exterior diameter (D) 300mm
Film spool height (h) 500mm
Film thickness 17-35 µm
Interior diameter (d) 76mm
Maximum weight 20kg
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