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Vertical wrapping machine with turntable (Robopac Rotoplat 507 PFS)

  • For stabilising loads with stretch film.

Detailed information about the product Vertical wrapping machine with turntable

The Rotoplat range is a complete series of stretch wrapping machines for the stabilisation of loads with stretch film, that includes pallet truck versions for all models. Technical characteristics and performances have been refined and improved by ROBOPAC, based on years of experience in the manufacturing in pallet wrapping machines. The quality of all materials used and the high technical standards for all mechanical and electronic components merge with highly efficient and precise assembling and testing procedures; this leads to the production of highly performing, safe and durable products. ROTOPLAT stretch wrapping machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards.

The new base with front and rear forklift openings guarantees flexibility in the handling of the machine.

The new turntable base has front and rear forklift openings, and guarantees maximum machine handling flexibility. The base plate is supported by coupled sealed bearings that ensure improved support. A chain and sprocket system ensures consistent and reliable turntable performances during rotation. The diamond pattern on the plate ensures better grip for any load avoiding slippage during the wrapping cycle.

The new control panel has been upgraded with a STOP CYCLE push button to facilitate the control even more.


  • Turntable rotation speed
  • Pre-stretch film ratio
  • Spool carriage speed upwards/downwards
  • Film tightness upwards/downwards
  • Bottom wrappings 
  • Top wrappings
  • Start of wrapping cycle at floor level
  • Photocell sensing delay


  • Top sheet cycle
  • Pressure cycle (pressure is optional)
  • Cycle with reinforcement wraps
  • 4 user defined programs

The mast is made of cold folded steel and has a tubular inner structure in order to ensure maximum rigidity and resistance to any torsion or strain.

The phase stopping allows the operator to always get the pallet in the same starting position. This increases the efficiency of the wrapping operations. The starting and stopping of the turntable are controlled by an inverter. Thanks to this, the wrapping machine always stops in the initial position. The presence of the gear and worm system allows pallet handling without ever losing the phase.

Spool carriage with powered frictioned pre-stretch system. The pre-stretch ratio is adjustable with the control panel from 0% up to 250% by an electromagnetic brake. Film tightness on the pallet load can be adjusted with the control panel and is controlled by a patented electronic device.

Carriage PFS: Powered pre-stretch with pull force control

Machine characteristics
Plate diameter 1650mm
Turntable rotation speed 4-12 rpm
Fork lift opening (507 PFS) Front and rear
Fork lift opening (507 TP PFS) Rear
Power supply voltage 230 Volt 1 Ph - 50/60 Hz
Installed power 1.3kW
Phase stopping (+/-20mm)
Pre-stretch ratio 0-250%
Soft start Standard

Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Maximum dimensions (LxW) 1000 x 1200mm
Maximum useful height 2200mm
Maximum load weight (507 PFS) 2000kg
Maximum load weight (507 TP PFS) 1200kg

Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D) 300mm
Film spool height (h) 500mm
Film thickness 17-35 µm
Internal diameter (d) 76mm
Max. weight 20kg
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