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Stretch film pallet wrapping robot with power pre-stretch (Girokay AC with power pre-stretch)

  • Perfect to wrap regular and simply pallets.
    Control panel with basic functions. 
    With power pre-stretch 100% ratio.

Detailed information about the product Stretch film pallet wrapping robot with power pre-stretch

  • For automatic film coils.
  • Machine with power pre-stretch with 100% stretch.
  • It halves packing costs.
  • Ideal for unstable products.
  • Pallet height detection by photocell.

The Girokay AC wrapper is an automatic robot for wrapping medium and large quantities of pallets. It runs with automatic size stretch film coil (about 16kg, external diameter 250 mm). The machine wraps at a distance of 125 cm from the pallet. The Girotondo Ac wrapper lengthens exactly double the length of the original stretch film in the reel (100 % elongation percentage). This pre-elongation occurs inside the device.

With this machine, you can also adjust, with a knob, the out-feed tension of stretch film so that very light or heavier pallets can be wrapped.

The power pre-stretch carriage has a rapid loading system to speed up reel changes. Stretch film reels with an external diameter of 250 mm and with an internal core of 2 or 3 inches can be used.

As an optional item, the power pre-stretch is available at a percentage value of 200%. The Girokay wrapper robot automatically packs pallets of all shapes and sizes because it autonomously rotates around the product to be packed, following the profile of the wood platform or of the product itself. From the control panel, you can adjust the rise and descent rotation speeds, set the quantity of revs of stretch film to be positioned at the bottom or top of the pallet, automatically measure the height of the pallet or preset it manually.

This model detects automatically the pallet height, with a photocell eye. The machine is battery powered, and has a minimum throughput range of 80 pallet wraps per recharge. The battery charger is on board and to recharge, just plug into the mains socket. For extra range, you can buy a second optional battery unit. Fast interchange capability enables you to recharge one unit while the other is on board.

Easy to use.
Girokay (as in the case of Girotondo models) is the only pallet wrapping robot manoeuvrable from the rear. This characteristic offers the best possible ergonomics: thanks to a patented system, the operator can carry out all operations from the back of the machine, thus considerably facilitating management, stretch film extraction and setting of controls.

To shift Girokay from one pallet to another, the operator must select the manual mode. By using the forward and reverse push-button, the operator can position the machine on one side of the pallet to be packed, tie the stretch film to the pallet and press start to begin the automatic wrapping cycle. The machine stops only after it has completed wrapping.


  • Distance from side of the pallet 125 cm
  • Power pre-stretch. Stretch ratio 100%
  • Quick film loading system
  • Spool carriage anti-falling system
  • Height detected by Photocell and/or altimeter
  • Rotation speed adjustment
  • Separated up and down speed adjustment
  • Separated regulation for bottom and top rounds
  • 2 wrapping cycles + top sheet cycle
  • Flashing light and beeper for cycle start
  • Battery autonomy 80 pallet
  • Supply with 2 battery: 12v - 42Ah
  • Stretch film core diameter: 50-76 mm
  • Stretch film coil Max diameter 250 mm
  • Battery charger inside
  • Battery charger supply 100-230v - 50/60hz
  • CE Mark


  • Pallet grip device
  • Double pallet sensing wheel D=320mm
  • Wheel D=405mm
  • Double pallet sensing wheel D=405mm
  • Wheel D=610mm
  • Power pre-stretch ratio 200%
  • Additional battery unit 42 Ah
  • Battery 80Ah option
  • Additional battery unit 80 Ah
  • Film cutting device
  • Photocell for black pallets
model max useful height
Girokay AC 2.0 2.0 metres
Girokay AC 2.4 2.4 metres
Girokay AC 2.8 2.8 metres
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