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Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine (Robopac Compacta M 960)

  • With ring rotation speed of 70 rpm.

Detailed information about the product Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine

The Compacta series machines are built following high quality criteria and construction specifications that have been improved and refined through time.
The high degree of satisfaction generated worldwide by the Compacta M series makes these machines the top preference of final users, which entrust their products to horizontal wrapping technology using stretch film. Because of a wide range of ring diameters, the ROBOPAC machines can pack numerous product categories with different shapes and sizes. The versatility and the simple handing of the Compacta M machines, combined with a distinguishing strength, make these ROBOPAC products a top product as well.

The spool carriage unit has a direct breaking transmission roller. It is adjustable at any time and eases spool loading and film insertion to a maximum.

Total machine closure ensures maximum safety.

The highly reliable cutting and clamping system allows automatic operation of the wrapping process.

The pedal used for starting the process makes sure that the operator controls the working process to a maximum, always maintaining an optimal safety distance.

Machine characteristics
Ring rotation speed 70 rpm
Chain transmitted ring rotation Standard
Spool carriage with frictioned roller Standard
Pneumatic cold clamping/cutting unit Standard
Fixed work table with rollers Standard
Single side guide Standard
Compressed air consumption 14 NL/1'
Power supply voltage 230/400 V. 1 Ph/3Ph +N +PE 50/60 Hz
Installed power 0.75kW
Machine weight 230kg

Film spool characteristics
Maximum exterior diameter (D) 200mm
Film spool height (h) 50-125mm
Film thickness 17-50 µm
Interior diameter (d) 76mm (50mm on request)
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