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Fully automatic turntable wrapper (Ear Flap TRM1500)

  • The basic structure consists of a rotating turntable fitted with a powered roller conveyor.

Detailed information about the product Fully automatic turntable wrapper

This wrapper features several input and output signals for coupling to an intermediate roller or chain conveyor.

Depending on the location to operate, it is recommended to protect it with safety fences and photocell barriers.

Thanks to its versatility the machine may wrap almost any type of load, regardless of their characteristics.

Options and accessories

  • Top sheet dispenser model TDM1800
  • Powered top platen
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Pre-stretch (standard)
  • Roller conveyor turntable (standard)
  • Chain conveyor turntable
  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Safety fencing
  • Mutting anti-intrusion system
  • Special dimensions
  • Special heights
  • Special environments (explosive, corrosive, below 0ºC)

Commercial conditions

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Output (depending load features) Around 40 pallets/hr
Electric power 380V 50Hz
Pneumatic installation 6 bar
Installed power 1.5 kW
Film holding carriage Powered pre-stretch
Load maximum dimensions (LxW) 1200x1100 mm
Load maximum height 2400 mm
Load maximum weight 2000 kg
Turntable diameter 1906 mm
Turntable soft start/stop, variable speed and return to start position Yes
3ALL system film holding clamp, cutting and welding with dolly
Powered film holder carriage Yes
Powered film prestretch Yes
Independently adjustable top/bottom reinforcing wraps Yes
Automatic load centred reinforcing wraps depending on height Yes
Load height detection by photocell Yes
Wrapping cycle Cross, Single, Waterproof
Acoustic and optical warnings for operation and troubles Yes
Prepared for connecting to other equipment Yes
LCD touch screen with 10 customized programs Yes
PLC Siemens
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