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Wood Pallets

  • Including UK Standard sizes, Euro sizes, perimeter based pallets, leggers, converts, 2&4-way pallets

Detailed information about the product Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets are an integral part of almost every industry, be it the food and drink industry, packaging and distribution or chemical industries. Wooden pallets can be a cheaper alternative to plastics and can be Heat Treated to ISPM15 standard to make them suitable for export all over the world.

Whirlowdale repairs pallets on site. Head Office at Rotherham has a state of the art pallet repair machine, with another due shortly, to facilitate the repair of wooden pallets. Our dedicated sorters and repairers ensure prompt deliveries and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our wooden pallets catalogue features details of our core reconditioned pallet stocks, including UK standard sizes, Euro sizes, perimeter based pallets, leggers, converts, 2 & 4-way pallets.

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