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Plastic Coated Mesh Container for Small Metal Parts (Fil Plastic CS M)

  • The model specifically designed for small metal parts. Dimensions: 105 x 46 x 18 cm.

Detailed information about the product Plastic Coated Mesh Container for Small Metal Parts

Simple Assembly

On the underside of the baskets there are two small tubes with threaded ends where 4 chrome bolts can be fitted. This is a very easy to do and allows you to decide on the height of the stack and location.

Compartments Made to Measure

Quick dividers can be inserted into the baskets by folding 3 metal tags. Removal and relocation is equally simple.


When not in use, our containers fit one inside the other, a great way to save space!

Stacked Containers

Our baskets are made of welded wire mesh and then coated with coloured plastic, which prevents corrosion even when they are used outdoors. Fil Plastic containers are stackable and self standing. A perfectly steady stack shouldn't exceed 2.5 m height, with higher stacks hook them to the wall. We recommend stacks of 5 baskets for this model. Concerning weight capacity, always follow the tables supplied.

Dimensions in cm 105 x 46 x 18
Volume in litres 80
Mesh in mm 12 x 46
Capacity in kg 60
Divider model D m
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