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Stillage Cage (Crémant 500)

  • Folding wire container for 500 bottles stored on their sides
    Capacity: 800 kg
    Dim.: 1230x805x1039 mm.

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Detailed information about the product Stillage Cage

For the sector of storage and wine-producing, TER manufactured the stillage cage Crémant 500 for storing 10 rows of 50 wine bottles.

  • Stackable 5/1 static
  • Stackable 1/1 dynamic
  • Load capacity: 800 kg
  • Reinforced base and panels
  • Feet: Ø 12 mm wire
  • Front holding 1/2 door
  • 2 identification plates
  • Self-locking handles
  • Grippable on 4 sides
  • Outside dimensions (LxDxH): 1230x805x1039 mm
  • Inside dimensions (LxDxH): 1136x752x908 mm
  • Average weight: 71,8 kg
  • Height when folded: 375 mm
  • Coating: electrogalvanised CR3
  • Accessories: label holder for A4 format and cover.
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