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Weighing Indicator (IDé 500-I)

  • Designed for the weight acquisition, display and transmission of 1 to 12 scales.

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Detailed information about the product Weighing Indicator

IDé 500-I controller allows the acquisition, the display and the transmission of the weight of 1 to 12 scales.

It constitutes an innovative and performant solution to pour integrate the «weight» criteria in the PLC networks (Level surveillance, batching, weight control, …)

The IDé 500-I works with transmitteur Candy (for analogue load cells).

User friendly operator interface:

  • LCD graphic display 240x128 pixels, black light
  • 4 metrological keys
  • 4 application keys

Communication ports:

  • 2 serial ports:
    • COM1: RS232 and/or RS485 2 wires (Protocole JBus/ Modbus®)
    • COM2: passive Current Loop
  • Parallel (LPT) port (not used)
  • Analogue input (analogue load cells)
  • 1 input for digital load cells and numerical Arpège Master K devices
  • 1 input PC keyboard (mini din)
  • 1 slave USB port (depending on software)
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