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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler (Avermann Avos 147)

  • High quality baler producing mill-sized bales with a throughput of 2 tons/hour.

Detailed information about the product Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler

Avermann waste compactors are solid and robust as a result of their high-grade steel construction. Avermann have more than 30 years experience in the field of compactor design and construction and their sophisticated production technology and high-quality processing guarantee a longer than average useful life for these machines.

This highly effective semi-automatic horizontal baler includes the following features:-

  • Electro-hydraulic drive
  • Simple operation
  • High performance, solid construction
  • Big feeding hopper
  • High bale weight with constant bale length
  • Hydraulic door lock with damped opening mechanism
  • Low-maintenance press ram guiding
  • Compacting paper, cardboard, plastics or foam material to Euro-standard balesManual binding with plastic straps or steel wire: 4-fold horizontally
  • Manual cross binding: 3-fold vertically and 4-fold horizontally, e.g. for foam material

Optional extras include:

  • Single bale eject
  • Material re-holder
  • Feeding chute
  • Hydraulically driven pre-press flaps
  • Feeding conveyor belt
  • Bin-lift device
  • Perforator/rotary shredder
Machine height 2,490 mm
Machine width 1,600 mm
Machine length 6,270 mm
Feeding height 1,450 mm
Dead weight 7,500 kg
Bale size (L x W x H) 1,200 x 750 x 1,100 mmm
Bale weight Up to 600 kg
Motor power 15 kW
Press force 500 kN
Specific press force 60.6 N/cm²
Cycle time (idle state) 46 s
Throughput idle state 103 m³/h (theoretical)
Throughput Depending max. 2 t/h on material
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