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Mobile Solutions (tmWare tmMobile)

  • Mobile solutions can add real time updates and feed your customers live information.

Detailed information about the product Mobile Solutions

A reduction in the cost of hardware has made mobile devices more accessible to all. The actual systems to run on the hardware, however, remains high. tmWare's ethos of offering world class solutions for everyone continues into the Mobile market. tmWare utilises mobile technology to deliver real time solutions that add value throughout the supply chain. Increased accuracy and greater visibility are just some of the benefits that tmWare mobile can deliver. Mobile solutions can also help reduce manual processing enabling you to increase throughput without the need to increase your workforce bringing real profits to your bottom line.

Mobile POD - sophisticated and affordable

Capturing and updating live POD details is a powerful and time saving process. You and your customers can view live details via the Internet offering real added value to your service and enabling you to win contracts over your competitors.

Features include:

  • Signature capture
  • Live status updates
  • Web enquiry access for customers
  • Photographic capture*
  • GPS location capture*

* Device dependant

Warehouse managers have enough on their plate without having to identify every small piece of work that goes on. A study that tmWare carried out concluded that there could be at least £200 a week of extra handling charges that could have been invoiced. That's £10,000 a year. For example a pallet arrives and the contents are nailed down, an extra half an hour is spent breaking down the contents. You may make a note to bill for the additional work but after several interruptions on the way to the office it is forgotten.

Mobile Ad-hoc Charging is a recent addition to the mobile suite extending the functionality of the popular WMS system. It helps to manage any additional charges as and when they are identified. It runs on most PDA devices and allows a charge to be added quickly and instantly to your customers account. The charge will then itemised on the normal invoice bill.

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