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Tekta offers high-performing doorway solutions for temperature and hygiene controlled industries such as food & pharmaceutical manufacturing, temperature controlled logistics and aerospace.

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At Tekta our belief is that doors truly make a difference. Doors affect such critical aspects of your business as hygiene and temperature control; through-flow and productivity; and the safety and security of your premises and workforce. Our belief is that with intelligent planning and specification doors can really work for you, helping you meet your critical business targets, for instance in terms of compliance, productivity, cost-control and efficiency.

Our products and services are particularly suited to manufacturing, services and logistics industries where temperature and hygiene control are critical, for example: food & beverage manufacture, preparation & distribution; pharmaceutical & cosmetics manufacturing; high-tech composites & electronics manufacturing; temperature controlled logistics; defence, automobile & aerospace manufacturing; and R&D facilities.

Our work extends from large and complex new build products where we liaise with architects, contractors and consultants as well as the client, through to simple installations as well as service and repair. Every project is a fresh challenge; there is no "one size fits all" and our ultimate satisfaction is gained from every client proving that Tekta doors really do make a difference.

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