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Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barrier (A-SAFE)

  • Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barriers offer robust protection and strong segregation of people and workplace vehicles.

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Detailed information about the product Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barrier

Able to flex, absorb and reform following impacts from heavy duty workplace traffic, the Traffic Double-Rail iFlex Barrier is a robust product ideal for use in areas where high energy impacts are a possibility.

The strong double rail design is capable of absorbing and dissipating impact forces from large workplace vehicles such as heavy duty forklift trucks, protecting personnel, equipment, floors, structures and the vehicles themselves in the process.

Made from Memaplex™

During the manufacture of Memaplex™, its molecular structure is re-orientated into a straight line, giving the material a built-in memory. This means that the product is flexible, absorbs and dissipates impacts and repels the source of them. After the impact the barrier will reform to its original shape.

All of A-SAFE’s products are made from Memaplex™, a robust and flexible polyolefin blend of materials with rubber additives. It’s a three layered construction that’s exclusively manufactured by A-SAFE. These three zones combine to form a strong yet flexible product.


  • Post heights are 862 mm
  • Height from the floor to the top of the higher rail is 745 mm
  • Height from the floor to the top of the lower rail is 395 mm
  • Height from the floor to the bottom of the lower rail is 205 mm
  • Rail lengths are available from 600 mm to 3000 mm (measuring from the centre of a post to the centre of the adjoining post)

  • Temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Ignition temperature: 370°C to 390°C
  • Flash point: 350°C to 370°C 3500
  • Toxicity: not hazardous
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent - ISO/TR 10358
  • Weathering stability: (Grey scale) 5/5
  • Light stability: (Blue Wool Scale) 7/8
  • Static rating (surface resistivity): 1015 - 1016
  • Carbon footprint: (CO2/metre) 22.47
Colour - approximate closest match

  • Standard Yellow RAL 1007
  • Standard Grey RAL 9007
  • Standard Black RAL 9005

  • Pull out capacity: 14.1 kN
  • Shear load capacity: 28.2 kN
  • No. per post: 4
  • Minimum slab depth: 140 mm
  • Minimum slab edge distance: 105 mm
  • Installation torque: 40 Nm
  • Bolt spacing: 188 mm
  • Upgrades: available stainless steel, chemical, galvanised
  • Foot material/coating Zinc Nickle & Black E-Coat
  • Safety factor: 1.4

Tolerances, including full technical specifications, available on request.

Specifications differ for freezer grade option.

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