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Impact Hygienic Skirting (STOMMPY®)

  • Protection of perimeters and corners of wall and pillars, ideal for any type of hygienic wall cladding

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Detailed information about the product Impact Hygienic Skirting


Hygienic wall skirting with hidden fixing to protect and prevent any kind of infiltrations between the wall and the floor. STOMMPY® Impact Hygienic Skirting is resistant to impacts, flexible and perfectly sealing, protecting the wall from light repetitive impacts and maintaining high hygienic standards.


All industry areas: food processing, retail & supply chain, automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, hospital & medical, logistics and every industrial sector using vehicles


  • Simple installation and minimal maintenance
  • Product modularity and long life-cycle
  • Fully accessorised delivery
  • Highest level of hygiene guaranteed
  • Perfect anti-infiltration sealing
Material White profile: flexible PVC; Base: rigid PVC
Behaviour under fire Extinguishing degree (UL 94): V0* (Ref. to black base)
Shore Hardness 68 Shore A** (Ref. to white profile)
Temperature performance range 0°C (32°F) / +60°C (+140°F)
Models Dimensions Request information
White H: 90 mm; W: 40 mm Contact the company
Grey H: 90 mm; W: 40 mm Contact the company
Klinker H: 90 mm; W: 40 mm Contact the company
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