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Empirica Enabler

Empirica Enabler
  • An advanced solution to provide voice based task management facilities to existing ERP or WMS systems.

Detailed information about the product Empirica Enabler

Empirica Enabler is a unique integration module which gives RF or voice capability to existing ERP or WMS solutions. It is designed for those who want the benefits of an advanced real time technology solution without major system development. The module supports any industry standard hardware and can be integrated with other software applications with minimal customisation and no extra middleware.

Enabler provides a lot more than connectivity. Its key features are designed to produce maximum benefit from real time technology, and its advanced functions make it a dynamic tool for managing and scheduling workload in real time.

Enabler does not require a long complex analysis process. It can be implemented rapidly to deliver a leading edge real time solution within a few weeks. By using Enabler with hand held, truck mounted or voice directed RF equipment you will realise benefits in all areas and revolutionise your warehouse performance.

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