Solutions for industry, hardware, hydraulics, electronics and hospitals.

Cameriano, Novara, Italy

About VIPA

Italian company world leader in the design and manufacture of plastic articles, oriented to the hardware, industry, hydraulics, electronics, health care sectors, from the classification of office and archives documents up to the storage of goods.

Our products, all recyclables, are targeted by innovation, design and quality and manufactured exclusively according to ergonomic and functional processes and materials, which are environmentally friendly.

The company uses a workshop located in the heart of the premises, which are structured and organised by qualified staff.

All the moulds are designed, manufactured and maintained internally, supporting timely the requirements of our production lines and the requirements of our customers.

VIPA derives from the first two letters of the name and surname of its founder and current Chairman, Mr. Vittorio Pasquini.

His fifty years of experience and knowledge of the market led VIPA to the highest international level which represents the strength and pride of the company.

The second generation is formed by women: his daughters Cristina, Milena and Laura are working for the future of the company along with their parent and all their dedicated staff. Our collaborators have been carefully selected and are showing both their high professionalism and a strong dedication to the company.

All together, we work every day looking for new challenges, actually collecting more and more important and ambitious goals.

VIPA takes part in many fairs and many places where we want to make ourselves known, to show the ambition that distinguishes us, to open up to new challenges and new markets, to proudly wear our brand all over the world!

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