Specialist in aerosol products. Our main line of business is the manufacture and distribution of insecticides, air fresheners, toiletries and cleaning products.

Albacete, Albacete, Spain

About Vinfer

Laboratorios Vinfer S.A is a family company with over 25 years in the business and a well-known top manufacturer within the aerosol sector.

Vinfer Laboratories S.A. has 3,450m2 of premises which include a factory, warehouse, laboratory and offices, located on a 7,798m2 plot of land.

We have state of the art automated filling lines. Our production capacity on each shift exceeds 70,000 units and 30,000 spray bottles of liquids. In addition we produce daily more than 50,000 mosquito repellent tablets. All this is done with a staff of 44 employees and an extensive network of agents and distributors around the country, served by a large fleet of vehicles.

In addition to the national market, we have been exporting abroad for the last ten years and we are now present in more than fourteen countries over five continents.

Our wide range of products, with over 120 different presentations covers all the demand and needs for any market and any customer (household and professional), together with our competitive prices, gives us a great opportunity with a serious Company like yours. Carrefour, Makro, and Schlecker are some of our current customers in Spain.

-Insecticide: Our brand Maton includes a large range of insecticide to adjust market demands, with insecticides for flying and crawling insects, residuals insecticides, odorless, electric insecticide, and also specific ones for outdoors and wasps.

-Air freshener: The brand of our air fresheners is Campero. We have a wide range with more than 30 references, all of them with different format and scent, especially the Tronic range (size 65x105).

-Cleaning products: All our clearing products are under the brand Doril. The furniture cleaners and mop cleaners in aerosol are our best-selling cleaners. In addition, we produce liquid products such as washing-up liquid, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, etc.

-Hygienic products: The Hygiene and Cosmetics line includes a range of Shower Gels and Shampoos, colognes and hand soap with the brand Balia.

-Vinfer Professional: The last range of products includes all the items of insecticides, air fresheners, cleaning and hygiene products focused on professional sector.

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