Vanad 2000

Czech company that produces top quality oxy, plasma and laser CNC cutting machines, which you can use in every plant.

Golčův Jeníkov, Vysočina, Czech Republic

About Vanad 2000

About us

Vanad, spol. s r. o. with registered office in Golčův Jeníkov was established in 1994. In 2001, company legal status was changed to Vanad 2000 a. s. due to the company development. The company is hundred percented owned by Czech capital.

We produce modern highly efficient CNC machines for sheet metal shape cutting by means of oxygen and the most recent plasma technologies. From the establishment of the company, we specialize in producing and developing highly efficient CNC machines for sheet metal shape cutting. The production tradition and know-how of our cutting machines follows 40 years history of producing flame cutting machines in former Czechoslovakia. For the period of our existence, we have produced and delivered cutting machines to hundreds of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We use our own resources to develop original software and construction paying attention to high quality of the machines. Our goal is to introduce maximum useful value to the end user. Due to permanent research and development supported by comprehensive know-how and experience of our employees, we continuously introduce new and innovative solutions for the cutting workplaces to Czech and overseas market.

The flexibility and variability enables us to adapt to the customer requirements and propose a complete individual solution. The complexity of the provided solutions ranks us amongst the leading suppliers of cutting machines not only in the domestic market. We naturally provide fast and professional warranty and post-warranty servicing. We are an authorized partner of recognized suppliers specializing in technologies for thermal material division.

Our Vision

"To be a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions regarding the sheet metal processing whilst maintaining individual approach to our customers".

Our Mission

"We provide our customers with modern production technologies, we provide comprehensive top level services, and we help to increase their production rate, efficiency, and profit".

Company Values

  • Customer
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Environmental protection
  • Team work
  • Professionalism
  • Open communication
  • Loyalty, pride and commitment to the company
  • Initiative, innovation, development


The basic premise for achieving the dimensional accuracy, perpendicularity of the edges, and the flame cuts structure, is the utilization of the most suitable cutting technology, appropriately fine shift, constant speed, high acceleration, resistance to the oscillation of the torch, high accuracy, and repeatability. Complying with such requirements is the prime measure for the construction of Vanad machines.

The results include exceptionally rigid construction, accurate guiding, power drives, clearance-free gears, and modern control system. The aforementioned matters enable to achieve the highest quality of the flame cuts.


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  • Express
  • Preventative inspections
  • Machine modernization
  • Plasma sources repairs
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