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Y/H - Tyres for On/Off-Road Applications and Sitework (Michelin XZH 2R)

  • Steer and drive axle tyre for off road use.

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Detailed information about the product Y/H - Tyres for On/Off-Road Applications and Sitework


  • Improved damage resistance to the crown and sidewalls
  • Excellent traction on loose ground
  • Increased casing life even with maximum loading


  • Special rubber compound designed for varied applications
  • Deep and wide tread pattern
  • Reinforced crown and sidewalls


Flat ledge rim
10.00 R 20
11.00 R 20 TL
12.00 R 20 TL

Dropped centre rim
13 R 22.5 TL

Commercial conditions

We do not export tyres out of the UK.

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