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U - Urban Tyres (Michelin X ONE XDU)

U - Urban Tyres Michelin X ONE XDU
  • Wide single drive axle fitment for urban use.

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Detailed information about the product U - Urban Tyres


  • Innovative solution for urban transport.
  • More internal vehicle space. *
  • Less weight. *
  • Reduced fuel consumption. *
  • Optimum grip in all weather conditions.
  • Good mileage potential.
  • Easy to use sidewall wear indicators.
  • Reduced noise. *

* Compared with conventional twin fitment.


  • Single tyre instead of twinned.
  • Specially designed tread pattern.
  • Reinforced sidewalls (with thick kerbing bands).
  • Advanced rubber compounds especially developed to cope with urban use.
  • Wear indicators on the sidewalls.

455/45 R 22.5 TL
495/45 R 22.5 TL

Commercial conditions

We do not export tyres out of the UK.

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