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VNA Truck (TSP 6500)

  • Capacity: 1000, 1250 and 1500 kg.
    Maximum lift height: up to 13.5 m.

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Detailed information about the product VNA Truck

TSP 6500 VNA Forklift Series - Comfortable, Stable and Energy Efficient
Higher racking does not have to mean longer cycle times. The TSP 6500 VNA Forklift Series delivers the throughput needed for inventory flexibility at up to 13.5 metres. The powerful 48 Volt AC motors of the VNA truck deliver higher performance in fast-paced very narrow aisle applications. Energy efficiency is assured with regenerative platform lowering, resulting in longer runtime per charge. With industry-unique features such as the MonoLift™ Mast, MoveControl™ Seat, Crown's braking systems, the best visibility available and controls that simplify tasks this VNA truck series delivers high performance in challenging very narrow aisle applications.

A 48 or 72-Volt electrical system available to meet application requirements.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor
Crown-built drive motor matches motor performance for the task.

Dual front-wheel drive provides better traction and stability.

Control Handle
Multiple-function control handle simplifies any task and is time-tested for proven reliability.

Left-hand steering provides full-time electronic power steering and full-function control while the right-hand controls travel direction and speed, raise, lower and horn.

Low-profile chassis provides lower center of gravity, resulting in increased elevated capacity.

Chassis configuration designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights.

Four-point weight distribution provides maximum stability at height.

Dual brake pedals ensure that both feet remain in the operator compartment.

Two force levels of mechanical braking provide smooth stopping.

Infinite speed control in forward and reverse can be tuned to fit any application.

Lineal speed curve provides maximum travel speeds at elevated heights.

A high level of serviceability simplifies VNA truck maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

Service and parts manual recognised in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

Automation Technology

Crown’s Automation Technology, available on TSP 6500 communicates with the floor installed RFID tags to pinpoint the location of the truck in the facility and adjust its operation as defined by the programme.

  • Auto Fence can be used to control truck operation near a hazard or where greater caution is required. This consistent application of safe operating rules can reduce the risk of damage or injury.
  • Auto Positioning System (APS) can increase productivity by automating travel and lift functions for the most efficient path between the truck and its destination. The resulting improvement in productivity can reach as high as 25%.
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