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Very narrow aisle (VNA) LP gas power articulated counterbalance truck (FLEXI™ GAS)

  • First gas truck that works in 1800 mm warehouse aisle widths.
    Load capacity: up to 2000 kg
    Lift height: up to 8 m

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Detailed information about the product Very narrow aisle (VNA) LP gas power articulated counterbalance truck

Move faster in less space with Flexi GAS!

Flexi GAS is the world's first LP Gas powered articulated truck that works in 1800mm (ISO)warehouse aisle widths. It's winning combination of proven LP Gas power and VNA storage capability gives you more from one truck - outside and in.

Flexi GAS can transform your pallet storage and handling and improve your profitability.

  • Proven articulated technology: Flexi operates efficiently in the most confined spaces - inside and out
  • Clean gas power for efficiency: Three-way catalytic converter, plus proven GM LPG engine provides power on demand for maximum efficiency
  • Flexi tilting clear vision mast for safe, easy loading: Exceptional forward vision and full mast tilt allows easy entry into pallets - even over 25 mm vehicle retaining raves!
  • Amazing traction - anywhere: On demand, with smooth power control! Flexi GAS has hydrostatic transmission, ensuring it drives and manoeuvres just like Flexi G4 electric truck - and with the same long reliable service life!
  • Unbeatable in-aisle performance: Flexi GAS is the first LP Gas powered articulated truck in the world that works in 1800 mm aisles between loads

Fast change gas fuel bottle

The LP Gas bottle is mounted in an easy to load cradle that allows quick and safe bottle changeovers and ensures the truck is immediately available - right round the clock!

3-way catalyser

An intelligent catalytic system is fitted as standard and, combined with the quiet, low revving and proven GM engine, with Impco LP Gas carburation, ensures a clean, reliable, safe operation.

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